19 april kl 17.00

Högsbo kyrka

Tillsammans med delar av Oskar Fredriks Simfonietta och Oskar Fredriks kammarkör framför kören tillsammans med solister Karl Jenkins vackra verk Stabat Mater.

Stabat Mater is a 2008 piece by the Welsh composer Karl Jenkins, and is based on the 13th-century prayer Stabat Mater. Like much of Jenkins' earlier work, the piece incorporates both traditional Western music (orchestra and choir) with ethnic instruments and vocals, this time focusing on the Middle East. The first recording features the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus, along with two soloists, Lithuanian mezzo-soprano Jurgita Adamonyte, and English musician Belinda Sykes, who both sings and performs on the duduk, an Armenian reed instrument.

Bildresultat för stabat mater jenkins